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Ok, so I friended a bunch of people who I neglected to before. Im such a slacker that I havent done that in a long time, but I guess if you want to read me, its your funeral ;P

I got yelled at by one of my coworkers for coming in late. He's normally got a crappy attitude, and today he decided to yell at me for not being a team player. Whatever. It happens, people screw up. What does he want, candy and flowers? Im sorry if I bruised his ego by not calling him when I couldnt get ahold of the supervisor. I may not be the worlds most productive person, but I get my shit done. Makes me so uninterested in work...I want to get my mead business off the ground so I dont have to deal with people.

so next week, senset and lady_bronwyn and their lovely daughter are coming to stay with us for a couple of days. Yay!
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Trothmoot went well. We didnt win the mead competition, but the person who did win was deserving. I drank about a half bottle of his mead while waiting for the judging. We swapped stories and techniques, tips and hints. He drank my mead, and I drank his, and we had a blast.
I didnt much care that I didnt win by the end of it, I was tipsy and got to hang out with other brewers for a few hours.

I do have some ideas on some recipes though, and will look forward to trying them out on everyone.

_jackal out.
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A small prayer to the mead gods for the meads that me and my friends pitched this weekend.

passion fruit
apple cinnamon
pumpkin pie

woot! mead!

Day 5

not bad, 5 days without a cigarette.

We bottled mead last night, 9 - 25 oz bottles and 13 - 12 oz bottles.
should be plenty for trothmoot and such.

When we rack, we'll bottle some more and make it sparkling, woot!

yay mead!

Day 1.

Ok. SO Im not supposed to smoke while healing from the dental surgery. Which means I cant smoke for like 2 weeks. Ive only had 2 cigarettes since the operation. So, last night I decided to quit cold turkey...because why should I quit for 2 weeks...start again...taper off and quit again?

so here goes: Day 1 of cold turkey quitting.

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All I wanted was a plain McFlurry

"plain? ok...what kind of candy?"

Without anything in it...

"nothing in it?"

no candy, no nuts, no oreo bits, nothing...just a plain McFlurry

"plain? why?"

because I just have the wisdom teeth out...now hand over the soft serve and nobody gets hurt!
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Ow, mothafucka!

I am grouchy and in pain.
I cant eat anything but soup and nutri-drinks.
I cant smoke.
I cant take my vicoden cause I have to be at work.
this sucks.

they had to chip away at tooth #3, it was fused to my jaw. the other two were pretty easy. #3, was most definately not.


(a very surly) _jackal out.
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Still a little nervous about my dental surgery tomorrow. I know its routine, but I dont readily trust health care professionals.

so, wish me luck, eh?