Nakht (jackal_logic) wrote,

So, back from WesterCon.
Had a good time, got flirted with a lot...which, I must add, felt really good for a bit of a bashed and bruised ego.
Its good to know if you are charismatic, or pretty, or both.
Its been awhile since I paid any attention to that about myself.
And as shitty as things have been lately, its good to have someone look at you in that way.

A kickass screening of the movie 'Serenity'.
Great browncoat-themed parties.
SnarkBOF and SmokeBOF.
a great discussion with aiglet (I need your numbers, doll!)
hanging out with the day-wives, sylvan, and Beth.
getting to know more of the staff.
feeling at home, 1000 miles away from Chicago.

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