Nakht (jackal_logic) wrote,

ok, so I havent posted in awhile.

Im quitting smoking. It sucks. Im stressed.
Still looking for work and all.
Miss everyone a lot though.

So Bella thinks I need to get a new hobby, and I chose to get back into tabletop RPGs.
I love to have people over and this is a cool way to do it, if cool=ubergeek.

I am pretty sure I will be running a game soon, so if anyone in the bay area is interested, let me know.

I chose to use the Torg setting. Basically the world gets taken over by extra-dimensional superpowers and transforms different geographical locations into different genres (I.e. France is now cyberpunk, brittish isles are now fantasy D&D, Austrailia is cthulu-horror, the mid east is pulp comics.)
It should make for an amusing-cinematic style game.

I should get the materials in a week or so, and then I need to write the campaign out.

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