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Ok, so we got a Wii for a Kemetic New Years present...
Anyone got any game reccomendations (or ones that you DIDNT like)??

We already have Zelda, Wii Play, Sports, and Wario's Smooth Moves.

In other news:
The BBQ we had was great (other than my injury...I dislocated my hip two days before)
Now my wife wants to have more BBQs...which is fine by me.

Ive also been told that Ive been popping up in peoples dreams lately. Any others I should know about?
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Ok, so I finally got a grill...a stainless steel beauty:

So, anyone up for a BBQ this labor day weekend?
Im thinking sunday....bring your own meat (Im kinda poor) around 2:00pmish
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So, back from WesterCon.
Had a good time, got flirted with a lot...which, I must add, felt really good for a bit of a bashed and bruised ego.
Its good to know if you are charismatic, or pretty, or both.
Its been awhile since I paid any attention to that about myself.
And as shitty as things have been lately, its good to have someone look at you in that way.

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ok, so I havent posted in awhile.

Im quitting smoking. It sucks. Im stressed.
Still looking for work and all.
Miss everyone a lot though.

So Bella thinks I need to get a new hobby, and I chose to get back into tabletop RPGs.
I love to have people over and this is a cool way to do it, if cool=ubergeek.

I am pretty sure I will be running a game soon, so if anyone in the bay area is interested, let me know.

I chose to use the Torg setting. Basically the world gets taken over by extra-dimensional superpowers and transforms different geographical locations into different genres (I.e. France is now cyberpunk, brittish isles are now fantasy D&D, Austrailia is cthulu-horror, the mid east is pulp comics.)
It should make for an amusing-cinematic style game.

I should get the materials in a week or so, and then I need to write the campaign out.
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I know I havent posted in awhile...


So the big news flashes:

Im finally moving to the bay area, in California!

We got a house in Willow Glen in San Jose!

My move date is the 14th of January!

I gave 1-month notice at my work, and I end on Jan 12th!

I miss my wife and my kitties!

I taught my 7-year old nephew to play WoW!

Im still having rampant sex dreams (thank you Abilify)!

I miss everyone a ton, I know most people have forgotten about me!

Im sure Ive left out some things, but that seems to be the bulk of things.
Hope you all are well. I promise to post more often. Miss you all...
_jackal out.
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Ok, I know Ive been bad at posting...mostly because I figure you all read my wife's journal and she posts about everything.

Still in limbo about the job and moving. Id like to think Im a patient person, but Im really not patient enough. Id like to just get it DONE and over with.

quitting smoking has been put off until said move...

This last weekend was fun, I got to see senset and lady_bronwyn and their lovely offspring. Always a pleasure. More about the weekend to come...

my meds are doing good, though I have sex on the brain constantly...(what else is new)

basically Im in a state of waiting.

_jackal out.